Monday, 19 September 2011

christmas or grandma

My new study lamp. It is a very dim lamp but it provides a cleaner and more purified air, a natural and healthy mood elevator, increases concentration, and reduces electromagnetic pollution in your home + more!

Zara jeans, Colourful knit sweater, wilfred scarf, Forever 21 bracelet, Links of London sweetie, Pandora bracelet, Casio watch

I cant wait till fall! the leaves are starting to turn yellow.. but our weather is a bit weird. It was raining and chilly this morning.. but its going to be 25+ from wednesday on.. we have some awesome weather over here..

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  1. This is an amazing cardigan! Super cool and cosy I wanna put it on and go walking in park amongst yellow and orange leaves :) autumn cannot wait for it either. Shame there is no real autumn in HK